Wow what an exciting week!  (NOT)   During a freak storm on the afternoon of May 15th – we lost our power.  And my generator would not turn over.   The pups were just 2 weeks old and should not be in temps below 70 F for a any length of time.   I pulled all the dogs in the house into the whelping room and we all slept there collectively keeping the room above 70 that night.  The next day I could not get the generator repaired so I packed up the pups and mom and we headed to a friends house.   We stayed there 2 nights and were very comfortable.  A friend brought up her generator and my repairman came at the same time – fixed my house generator and my portable and so I had 3 working generators!  Of course the electricity came back on within the hour.  All pups and mom returned home and back to their whelping box.  Anyway there were unfazed by the event – here is the video capturing the week.  At the end the darker video is everyone home again.  ENJOY!