This was a big transition week.   Pups left the cocoon of the whelping box where mom did everything – (feed and cleaned) and into the world (my kitchen).  And I have to begin to take over Mom’s basic duties. They had their first non-mom meal   (organic raw chicken with oatmeal, salmon oil, vitamins, and probitoics).  They were introduced to a litter box of pellets – it is messy at first but really makes a difference downstream.  They went outside and met their uncles, face to face.  Some tried a tunnel.  And we began to play with each other and toys.   Now that they can hear, they listen to a playlist on and off:  Glenn Gold “The Essential Glenn Gould”  Variations,  Yo Yo Ma – “Bach: Unaccompanied  Cello Suites”  and Laurie Anderson  ” The Heart of A Dog”  which is  BACH and Some Performance Art.  I think when ever your pups or dogs need calm – this music will bring them back to a calm place in their mind.    I am also introducing kitchen appliances, car noises and many other sounds of daily life.


Arbor C Week 3-4