From Day 3 to Day 16 of a puppy’s life we do exercises meant to aid in the development of their neurological pathways.  The first is the introduction to scents.  The only 2 senses a puppy has is smell and touch.  The scent introduction is meant to enable adult dogs with their scenting capabilities.

Early Neurological Stimulate (ENS), also called Biosenor, are exercises that are thought to stimulate not only neurological development but also the puppies’ endocrine system. Although there is no good research supporting Dr Carmen Battaglia’s claims that puppies that have undergone Biosensor responded better to stress, have stronger immune system and problem solve better than other puppies, we continue to do ENS because there is reams of evidence showing that neonatal handling benefits young of many species, including dogs.

These videos are of 5 day old puppies:

Here is the YouTube Link to “Little Green’s”

Here is the YouTube Link to “Mr. Teal’s” :