All of our puppies go home between 9-10 weeks of age with first set of shots,  A vet health check,  an AKC registration, and Microchip.
All  puppies are on a limited AKC registration that does not allow the puppy to be bred unless prior arrangement is made.
All puppies are not to be bred unless approved.
Puppies should be de-sexed not before 18 months of age.
Any puppy that cannot stay with the approved family must be returned to the breeder.
All caretakers of the puppy should be interviewed.
All  puppy/dogs are to be kept fed a quality food and not be allowed to be overweight.
All puppy/dogs are to be kept up to date on vaccines (Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper) Titters are acceptable.
All puppy/dogs should be kept free of parasites and tested at least once a year for worms, heart worm, and tick related diseases.
All  puppy/dogs should be kept reasonable groomed, free of mats and short nails.
An annual vet check is required.
You will not take in another dog/puppy until puppy is 2 years of age.
The cost of a puppy Is determined per Litter.   25% is required on acceptance of application,  25% after 2 weeks of age, 50% on pickup.  No checks accepted on pick up.   Deposit are refunded:  1.  Another buyer is approved to take your position (after 9 weeks of age, fees may be incurred)  2. The breeder is unable to give you a healthy puppy of the agreed upon gender.  3.  Breeder’s discretion.
All of these terms are codified in a contract that is signed when the puppy is picked up from the breeder.  All puppies must be picked up or the breeder delivers to your home.  We do not ship puppies.
Puppies not picked up by required  time frame, may incur additional fees and/or void the sale.
A telephone/skype interview is required with all members of the family before approval.